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About Nula-Haus

Our living spaces are where we can be ourselves and they reflect us as we reflect them. While we try to bring it to the best expression of ourselves or how we want them to affect us, sometimes there is a spark missing. 

The concept of Nula Haus was born when we realized that it was difficult to find decor pieces that resonated with us and our personalities. Looking around in various shops, it felt like almost all the objects looked similar and the ones we liked were way too expensive for our budgets. We wanted to find a way to access more affordable unique designs and also not compromise on quality, originality, and exclusivity.

Our living spaces are not supposed to look like everyone else’s. 

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Creating contrasts

Contrasts give a space the balance and harmony needed for the completion of a design concept. It creates visual interest and also draws attention to certain parts and features of the interior. With small additions to our spaces we can create various contrasts which can make our interior look more dramatic.

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