Stan Edition Candle Stacks at Nula Haus

Stan Editions


    Stan Editions was founded in 2021 by 28-year-old Belgian Stan Verstraete in Gent. His first collection, CANDL STACKS, is the result of the search for a new way to use candles and was inspired by the increasing supply of sculpted candles. These unique modular candles encourage creativity and allow you to build and rearrange candle stacks perfectly attuned to your own universe, mood and interior.

    The unique thing about Stan Editions is that it gives the user, both the end consumer and the shops, the freedom to create their own towers or stacks. The Stan Editions pre-made stacks are just a start, they encourage creativity and form the basic package to build on. The addition of one new colour shape suffices to form a completely new stack. In this way, both the end consumer and the shops get the chance to build stacks that are perfectly attuned to their own universe and interior.

    A new way of using candles

    Candl Stacks are built out of separate stackable modules. Module 01 & 09 have no wick, and serve as a holder.


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