About us

Ever feel like your living space is missing a piece of you? We've been there too, and that's exactly why Nula Haus came to life – because your space should be as unique as you are.
In our journey of curating spaces that speak volumes, we stumbled upon a gap. The struggle to find decor pieces that truly resonate with us, without burning a hole in the wallet. It felt like every shop had a déjà vu moment, and the ones we adored were VIPs beyond our budget. Enter Nula Haus, a haven where affordability dances with uniqueness, and quality, originality, and exclusivity are non-negotiable.
Here at Nula Haus, we've handpicked contemporary home decor from talented designers across Europe. Why? Because your space deserves to tell a story, your story. Each designer brings a splash of uniqueness, a tale to tell, ensuring your choices are a canvas of self-expression.
Living spaces should be a far cry from the ordinary. Our products? They're minimalistic yet far from boring, simple yet dripping in elegance. Why own a lot when you can own what sparks joy? That's our motto.
And oh, the joy of unboxing a piece that's not just decor but an eco-friendly, playful, and bold statement of your style – that's what we're all about. We've made it our mission to bridge the gap between incredible designers and you, so you don't have to break a sweat to find that one-of-a-kind piece.
So, to the curator of vibes, the storyteller of spaces – thank you for being a part of our journey. Here's to crafting a space that's uniquely, beautifully, wonderfully you.
-Susan Rai