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    Handmade carries history. Get to know ours. O Cactuu was born to show that beauty can rise even from difficult times: the brand was created by Cláudia and Filipe in 2020, as a way to express through art and decoration the search for comfort and well-being amid the isolation imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. O Cactuu is a brand of interior decoration that combines the tradition and mastery of Portuguese craftsmanship with contemporary, authentic, and minimalist designs. Through Portuguese art made by hand or within the family, we transform interior spaces into true homes. Our pieces carry with them all the affection, care, and uniqueness brought by the handmade touch. All our designs are created with quality and durability in mind, as well as awareness regarding the preservation of the planet. “Buy better, keep forever!” Honoring our traditions, we challenge ourselves to shape the future and take pride in creating ceramic and home textile products based on core values to o cactuu.

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    Creating contrasts

    Contrasts give a space the balance and harmony needed for the completion of a design concept. It creates visual interest and also draws attention to certain parts and features of the interior. With small additions to our spaces we can create various contrasts which can make our interior look more dramatic.

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