Creating Contrasts


Contrasts give a space the balance and harmony needed for the completion of a design concept. It creates visual interest while drawing attention to certain parts and features of the interior. With small additions to our spaces, we can create various contrasts which can make our interior look more dramatic.

 A contrast is created by simply placing two or more elements together with opposing characteristics. Features like color, texture, shape, and size can be used to bring the contrast needed in a room.  

Using two opposing colors like black and white or using a bright color accent on a neutral background is easy and gives a strong contrast.



Rough and smooth textures when arranged together can balance the feel of the room.  


Angled corners or straight lines when combined with curves or rounded edges can both balance and emphasize each other.


Placing a bigger element next to a smaller element will create interest and draw attention.


Some tips to consider:

If you feel that the color contrast is too strong you can add more neutral colors to tone things down.
To draw more attention to contrast of shapes, make sure to have a relatively simple background.
Use one color to dominate and another to support, but also consider a third as an accent.
Overdoing contrast might leave your room looking too busy and out of balance.

Creating contrast is important, but it is more important that you feel good about it. Mix and match different elements to get the balance you need. Let yourself get creative, and since it is your space, the only thing that matters is that you like it. Have fun!