About us

Our living spaces are a reflection of who we are, as they are where we can be our absolute selves. While we try to curate them to best express ourselves and our desired environment, sometimes there is just a spark missing. 

The concept of Nula Haus was born when we struggled to find decor pieces that resonated with us and our own personalities. Looking around in various shops, it felt like almost all the products looked alike, and the ones we liked were way too expensive for our budgets. We wanted to find a way to access more affordable and unique designs, while not compromising on quality, originality, and exclusivity.

Here in Nula Haus, we have brought together contemporary home decor accessories from designers across Europe. The fact that the designers have their own unique styles and stories gives you a wider variety to discover your own styles to choose from.


Our living spaces are not supposed to look like everyone else’s. 


The products in Nula Haus share some common aspects. 

They are minimalistic but not boring. They are simple yet elegant. 

We believe that we do not need to own a lot, but we can own what brings us joy. 

We feature different collections and especially love when they are eco-friendly, playful, and a bold statement of your style to ensure that you are all smiles when you receive your product.


Our mission is to make the creations of various designers more accessible to you so that the designers get the exposure they deserve, and so that you do not break a lot of sweat trying to find a unique piece of contemporary design.


Thank you for being a part of our journey