Extra&ordinary Design

Extra&ordinary Design

    Extra&ordinary Design is a London based design studio found by Hyunhee Hwang.

    Extra&ordinary Design's main focus is on product design that turns ordinary environments into the extraordinary.

    Hyunhee has been in the design industry for the past 10 years as a product designer for a Korean beauty company and an English design consultancy. Her ambition is in creating innovative, trend-leading space decoration designs with a product design/innovation approach.Recently, she was one of the contestants on Sky Arts new TV series, The Big Design Challenge, the best of Britain’s design talent competition which aired from February 2022.​

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    Creating contrasts

    Contrasts give a space the balance and harmony needed for the completion of a design concept. It creates visual interest and also draws attention to certain parts and features of the interior. With small additions to our spaces we can create various contrasts which can make our interior look more dramatic.

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